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Feb 16, 2019

Don't be fooled by the groupthinkers! Trump's state of emergency declaration is not illegal or unconstituional.  It IS- like all my favorite Conservatives are saying- a terrible precedent, but I'll explain why that doesn't matter. 

Feb 9, 2019

So far, the month of February has been a wall-to-wall disaster for for the Democratic party.  In this episode, I share one disaster for each day of February.  From Ralph Northam's blackface photo to Amy Klobuchar verbally abusing her staff, this is a month the Democrats wish they could hit the reset button on.

Feb 2, 2019

I keep hearing buzz that Democrats aren't as much against the concept of a wall as they are against the word "wall" itself.  Taking that into account, I've put together a list of more Democrat-Friendly terms for President Trump's proposed border barrier.