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Apr 20, 2019

Democrats face a choice right now: they can impeach President Trump for political purposes and ultimately see him vindicated in the Senate OR they can have a shot at winning back the presidency in 2020...But they can't do both. I explain why.

Apr 13, 2019

Bernie Sanders and the far left use the term "democratic-socialism" because they think the "democratic" part will vouch for the "socialism" part, but socialist economic policies are equally evil and destructive no matter how they're implemented. 

Apr 6, 2019

How come the Democrats's actions never match the words they're saying?  Why do they claim to be champions of our Constitution, the separation of powers and our norms while simultaneously attempting to destroy all of these things?

Mar 30, 2019

President Trump called the Democratic party out for Ridiculous bulls--t, and he's 100 percent right.  Ridiculous BS is MSM fuel, and the Democratic Party is a full-service station that offers free fill ups. Here's an examination of how and why the MSM and Democratic party force their narrative on Americans. 

Mar 23, 2019

Mueller has delivered his report to the Attorney General, and there are ZERO new indictments.  The Trump-Russia collusion narrative was a hoax from day one, and it's a PERFECT example of how the Democratic party rolls.  Allow me to illustrate...