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Sep 1, 2018

The movie First Man, a Hollywood biopic about Neil Armstrong, does not include a depiction of Neil Armstrong planting an American Flag on the moon.  Needless to say, this movie is completely dead to me.  It’s an utterly disgraceful omission.  You may as well make a movie about the Battle Iwo Jim and choose not to depict the raising of the flag on Mt. Suribachi.

Actor Ryan Gosling portrays American hero Neil Armstrong in the movie.  And Gosling had some thoughts on the omission of the stars and stripes.  Apparently Neil Armstrong’s moon walk “transcends countries and borders.”

What sort of globalist, open border logic is this?  We may have gone to the moon in peace for all mankind, but we didn’t leave a U.N. flag there.  We don’t take credit for the accomplishments of other countries, and we don’t misplace credit for our own.  It’s an American achievement.   Period. 

So, why did Hollywood decide to leave American exceptionalism on the cutting-room floor?